Offshore Outsourcing

Why Icon Global is ideal for offshore outsourcing of software development?

When building the skills required for the project within your team can outgrow your project budget then our IT offshore outsourcing services are best bet. We as one of the leading IT software outsourcing services provider can provide you with a team that already has the required skills, attributes and experience ensuring the project’s success without having to commit to long term contracts.

Our offshore Development model is very convenient, easy to adopt and best way of acquiring the skilled resources your project demands. Irrespective of your geographical location and sector you operate in Icon Global can provide you with an effective, proficient, and steadfast team that supports your projects’ goals and targets.

Our Methodology:

Our Offshore outsourcing services provide you with access to our full stack developers who are well skilled and experienced over a diverse range of areas. We make accessing the specific IT skills you need look simple yet safe for your projects are being taken care of by thoroughly reliable, dependable professionals.

With our offshore outsourcing services the technical and cost overheads businesses and organizations have to bear while scaling up their software development skills are minimized. Icon Global will take care of sourcing the right skills saving the time and effort needed to sourcing the right skills, saving high recruitment costs, and managing the whole process for its clients.

With our use-as-you-need consulting service methodology you will be free to add/remove the resources with specific skill sets needed to accomplish targeted software development milestones irrespective of when and where you need the resources to support the development activities.

Combined with the dedicated team approach and flexible delivery models, our offshore development service provides following essential support models.


  • Full Time Equivalent (FTE)
  • Virtual Employees
  • Extended Offshore team
  • ASP.NET / SQL Developers
  • Java / J2EE / Oracle Developers
  • iOS / Android / Hybrid Developers
  • Test/QA Team
  • Technical Support

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